“As the Landing School’s Composite Program Instructor, I emphasize the essential foundation necessary to fuel the marine industry with the skilled craftsmen and women that are so greatly needed. I recognize the need for this program in the ever-changing world of boat building and am proud to be part of it.”

Chris Audy
Landing School graduate and Composite Boat Building Program Instructor

The composite industry is one that is pervasive. Everything from wind turbines to furniture to sporting equipment is built using composites. That’s the unique aspect of this program. Although students largely spend their time building composite boats, they also have the chance to build a personal project that could be anything from a carbon fiber unicycle to a 3’ remote controlled boat. Although out students graduate and find themselves in a great variety of careers, come of them come home. Chris Audy enjoyed his studies so much he’s now the Composite Program instructor.

The Composite Boat Building Program instructs students in the construction of modern boats and related parts using composite materials such as fibers, resins and core materials.


Career Options for Graduates
The curriculum prepares students to work with modern composite vessels. A graduate can assume a career as a boat builder, boat repairer or composite technician in the marine industry, or use his/her skills in other manufacturing fields including transportation, infrastructure and energy. Companies where Composite program graudates work include:

  • 3M Composites
  • Aquidneck Custom Composites
  • Hodgdon Defense Composites
  • Oracle Team USA
  • SABRE Yachts s
  • Westport Shipyard
  • Viking Yacht Company

For more information about Marine Industry Careers and Landing School employment statistics, click here.

Program Description
The Composite Boat Building Program provides a broad education in the rapidly evolving field of composite construction. The course is taught through lecture, labs, field-trips and construction of one or more composite boats. Students learn how to use modern composite materials and construction processes to create boats of varying sizes.

Students study the strength, stiffness and structural mechanics of many different materials, so they are knowledgeable about the range of choices available to today’s boat builders. They are given instruction in the fabrication of those materials, from hand layup to vacuum-infusion and pre-preg part-making in both open- and closed-molding environments.

In the lab-based segment of the curriculum, students work on the construction of one or more composite hulls, decks and related boat parts. Student-builders construct one or more plugs and molds, starting with the lofting process and including fairing and finishing. Equipment such as ovens, vacuum bags, testing machines and woodworking tools are used in the processes.

Throughout the school year, students examine the effects of the various composite materials on the production methods, assess their structural strengths first-hand and witness how the choice of materials interfaces with the design and production of a boat. Design and systems elements are also incorporated into the curriculum so students have a foundation in the entire boat building process, from concept through final construction.

For an outline of the syllabus, boat building projects, personal projects and more please view our Academic Catalog.

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