MESSAGE from the president

Dr. Richard Schuhmann


The Landing School is a special place for me. On a September morning almost 30 years ago I walked into a shop here at the School and was asked to do something that seemed impossible at the time: work with two strangers and within a few months convert a pile of rough cut wood into the highest quality sailing craft.

My year at the Landing School was the most challenging academic year I’ve experienced and one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever accomplished. The learning at the Landing School is challenging and is meant to be so. We look for students who are not “usual”, who are not satisfied with the status quo; we look for passionate students who imagine vividly and want to create cool things. 

Our students have come from forty-one US states and ten countries.  They are high school graduates, college graduates, second career seekers, veterans, and adult learners. To this diverse array of students we offer great challenges, remarkable opportunities, and a supportive community of faculty, staff, and fellow students who all work together to regularly achieve the impossible.

Within the transformational environment of the Landing School students find strengths they had not imagined. The practical skills offered by our curriculum are designed to provide our graduates not simply with a better job prospect but more importantly with a rewarding career.

If you are interested in doing the impossible, if you are interested in an exciting career in the marine industry as an innovative designer, boat-builder or systems technician, able to work professionally on today’s vessels and imagine tomorrow’s, if you want to push the boundaries of the industry’s evolving technology while understanding and appreciating the rich maritime traditions of the past, then the Landing School is the place for you. Given my trajectory after leaving the Landing School, even if your dream is to pursue a Ph.D. the Landing School curriculum provides a remarkably effective pre-engineering education. Take a look at our student success stories to see what other landing School graduates have done with their education.

Have a look around our website and then come visit us in Arundel. We are surrounded by remarkable seascapes offering boating, surfing, and diving, and are not far from the mountains for winter sports. We invite you to see for yourself our unusual community, located in an unusually beautiful part of the world, accomplishing really cool things. 

Dr. Richard Schuhmann

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Dr. Schuhmann is a graduate of the Landing School wooden boat building program (1987). Prior to joining the Landing School in 2014, Schuhmann taught engineering and supervised research at Penn State University and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).