Susanne Altenburger  Phil Bolger & Friends

Susanne Altenburger

Phil Bolger & Friends

Attempting to ‘Green’ the New England Fishing Fleet – In support of a 21st - Century Sustainable Fleet and Waterfront

12:00 – 13:00

Green Boat Seminar Series
Brown Bag Lunch – Open to the Public (Drinks and Light Snacks provided)

In her early teens Susanne Altenburger discovered the technical section of the local branch-library with books on boats, ships, aircraft, motorcycles etc. along with her father’s work-shop.

Decades later, she’d visit Phil Bolger in Gloucester, MA to discuss boat-design and politics.

At that point in time Bolger had been designing boats for nearly 40 years, with a fair amount of his work focusing of efficiencies, affordability, and reasonable seaworthiness. After a few years of these get-togethers, he invited her to join him in life and work.

They would collaborate until his death across 15 years and 60+ designs and several hundred articles on his and their work, with Bolger insisting from early on on shared by-lines.