The Landing School offers an unrivaled range of programs. Whether you’re a High School graduate, a military veteran, a frustrated college student, a college graduate in a dead-end job, looking for a career change, or perhaps you’re already an experienced boat-person looking to advance your interest or career – The Landing School has something to offer everyone.

We offer structured training towards careers in yacht design, marine systems, composite boat building, and wooden boat building. Landing School graduates go on to enjoy rich careers in the marine industry as well as in engineering, shipping, wind energy, medical device design, and more. No school offers more marine industry technology diversity under one roof than The Landing School.

How does The Landing School compare?

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At The Landing School our goal is to provide transformational opportunities for every student that enters our Programs. At The Landing School you will receive more than course syllabi, exam results, and dusty textbooks. Our goal is to help you reach your full potential, accomplish things you never thought possible, and leave you confident in your ability to be successful in your chosen career path.