The Composite Boat Building program is a highly structured curriculum that prepares individuals for the real world demands of manufacturing composite material and products for the marine industry.  The program divides the academic year into two specialized semesters, each focusing on the fundamental components of the planning and production of composite based marine industry products. Students in the composite boat building program study the strength, stiffness, structural mechanics and finish of many different composite materials such as fiberglass, carbon, aramids, gel coats and coatings. They are given instruction in the fabrication of these materials, from hand layup to vacuum infusion and pre-preg construction in both open and closed-molding environments. Students also build the plugs and molds needed for the production process. Although inclusive of a variety of composite materials, the program emphasizes the use of polystyrene in order to equip students with the most applicable skill set for the marine industry workforce.


The first semester of Composite Boat Building program prepares the students with base line knowledge of the manufacturing process by requiring the complete construction of several small boats.  Teams are created and assigned time-based schedules with set dates for accomplishing progress on the boats. Each team must also record all materials required for the production of their small boat, keeping track of all inventory for the project.  This semester introduces the students to the necessity of being efficient in both time management and product usage, all in context to the real world demand of meeting a deadline and overcoming obstacles in the process of manufacturing.


The second semester of the Composite Boat Building program builds upon the skills learned in the first by requiring students to continue the production of composite products for in-house application, such as parts for boats being built or serviced in other programs.  The students continue to develop plugs and molds for products, and begin studying the beginnings of structural mechanics in order to gain a fundamental understanding of the engineering and design of composite marine vessels.  Finally, each student is required to plan and produce a final project; the process includes the budgeting of materials and development of a production schedule for the final product.


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