Semester I: 9/6/2017-1/12/2018 Semester II: 1/16/2018-5/11/2018

* = Holiday


August 4, Friday

September 5, Tuesday

September 6, Wednesday

October 9*, Friday

November 10*, Friday

November 21, Tuesday

November 22-24*, Wednesday-Friday

November 27, Monday

December 21, Thursday

December 22-January 7*, Friday-Sunday

January 8, Monday

January 12, Friday


January 16, Tuesday

February 7, Wednesday

February 19*, Monday

March 16, Friday

March 19-23*, Monday-Friday

March 26, Monday

April 11, Wednesday

April 16-17*, Monday-Tuesday

April 18, Wednesday

May 11, Friday

May 12, Saturday


Tuition balance and fees balance due

Fall Registration Day: 10 am - 4 pm; Welcome lunch for students and families: 12 pm

Fall semester classes begin

No school: Columbus Day

No school: Veterans Day

Last day of classes before break

No school: Thanksgiving Break

Classes resume

Last day of classes before winter break

No school, Winter Holiday Break

IPAP classes begin

IPAP classes end

Spring semester classes begin

No afternoon classes: Faculty and staff workshop


No school: Presidents Day

Last day of classes before spring break

No school: Spring break

Classes resume

No afternoon classes: Faculty and staff workshop

No school: Patriot's Day

Classes resume

Spring semester ends, Launching

Graduation Ceremony

Note: Snow days will be made up as needed and at the instructors’ discretion.