academic POLICIES

Standards for Satisfactory Progress

Each academic year is divided into two formal marking periods (semesters) consisting of approximately 18 instructional weeks, excluding breaks and holidays. Each semester of a full-time technical program (Wooden Boat Building, Yacht Design, Marine Systems, and Composite Boat Building) is made up of multiple courses of varying credit hours that are taught concurrently throughout the semester. A student receives a grade in his/her technical program at the end of each semester. A student must earn a grade of 1.0 or better in a course in order to pass and earn the credits for that course. A student must earn a grade of 1.0 or better in all courses each semester and achieve an overall GPA of 2.0 or better in a full-time technical program in order to earn a diploma and/or degree. In the event a student earns below a 1.0 in a course within a technical program, he or she must retake the entire technical program in order to earn credit for that course.

Time Obligation

A student who enrolls in any of the programs is obligated to attend school full-time (32-36 hours per week, depending on the technical program, excluding holidays and general education classes). Because of the time commitment for each of the programs, a student can only take one program at a time; however, some students spend multiple years at The Landing School in order to complete multiple programs. A student who successfully completes two technical programs and required general education is eligible to be awarded an Associate’s degree. The available career options expand dramatically for a student who receives diplomas from two or more programs over consecutive years. The typical amount of time to complete a diploma is 10 months. An Associate’s degree requires two years.

For more information about our grading system, standards for graduation and more please click here to view The Landing School academic catalog.