Yacht Design is all about creating a dynamic, artful watercraft with nothing more than your imagination, technical skills, and a computer. The design, shape and materials defined by the designer and used in the construction of a boat can make it more energy efficient, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. In The Landing School Yacht Design Program, you’ll obtain the knowledge and skills that will enable you to craft some of the finest boats in the world.


As a student in the Yacht Design Program at The Landing School, you will learn to combine design, shape and materials in order to create boats that are more efficient, cost effective and aesthetically pleasing. Our graduates gain skills that allow them to excel in a variety of pursuits – from designing an America’s Cup yacht to working as a naval engineer, or even running their own yacht building company. After completing the program, you will have a portfolio you can use to demonstrate your skills and experience to potential employers.

How You'll Learn

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Study subjects include:

CAD & 3D Modeling
Drawing Architectural Plans
Resistance & Propulsion
Ergonomics & Aesthetics
Marine Systems
Materials & Fabrication
Overall Layout & Structural Design
Parametric Study
Stability & Hydrostatics

Your first quarter will emphasize manual drafting skills and appreciation of drawing appearance and layout. During the rest of the year you will use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software at a network workstation to perform calculations, two-dimensional drafting, three-dimensional hull fairing and general three-dimensional modeling on industry-standard software. Coursework also includes lectures from industry experts, field trips and case studies on business practices and client relations. Our students spend much of their time preparing preliminary designs for safe and practical small craft. As a final project, each student prepares a complete set of plans and calculations covering all aspects of the design for his or her chosen sailboat, powerboat or commercial craft.


Earning your Diploma or Degree

To earn a diploma in the Yacht Design Program, you must attend The Landing School full time for two semesters (about eight months) and meet all graduation criteria. Students wishing to pursue an Associate of Applied Science degree can choose to stay an additional year and complete a second program, plus general education coursework.

Careers for Yacht Design Graduates

Professional opportunities for our graduates include designing and supervising construction of various kinds of yachts (racing, cruising, power, sailing), either within a design firm or their own businesses. Other professional fields include vessel safety, technical consultancy and design of fast ships, workboats and powerboats.

For more information, please call 207-985-7976 or fill out a contact form.


Additional occupations include:


Component Design
Project Management
Racing Yacht Design
Sail Making/Design
Technical Sales
3D Modeling
Yacht Crewing

Average Employment Rate: 100%

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