About The Landing School


Lifestyle: the ultimate in work-life balance

At The Landing School the skills you learn serve you well Monday through Friday as well as Saturdays and Sundays. You can earn a paycheck while doing the things you love to do. Whether you want to own and maintain your own boat, want to purchase and restore a boat, do woodworking around your home, aspire to build your own fine furniture, the skills you acquire here at The Landing School will follow you home after work and continue to add value to your life.


Profession: World class teaching expertise and access to marine industry employers

The breadth and depth of industry and teaching experience of our faculty is unrivaled. The Landing School faculty are augmented by adjunct faculty consisting of some of the most highly regarded people in the industry. We have well-equipped shops, a fleet of project boats, classrooms for lectures, lounges for relaxing, and the Atlantic Ocean at our doorstep. All of our Program costs include unlimited access to diverse general education courses taught by talented professionals outside of the marine industry. 

At The Landing School, not only will you receive unrivaled technical training, you will also have the opportunity to receive mentoring, industry-related guidance, and academic support to aid you in your studies and job search. As a Landing School student (and continuing as an alumnus/alumna) you will have access to our web-based Job Board. The Landing School Job Board allows you to apply for a diversity of yacht design jobs, marine systems jobs, and boat building jobs that we receive and update every week, providing you with unparalleled access to leading employers in the marine industry. As a Landing School graduate, you also benefit from joining a robust network of over 1,500 graduates, many of whom are in top management or leadership positions with the most respected companies in the marine industry. Each spring The Landing School hosts a job fair where you will have the opportunity to meet potential employers face-to-face.

In 2015, the average employment rate – the rate at which our students found employment in their field of study after graduation – was 92%. The employment rate achieved in many years was 100%.

Epic Odyssey: unrivaled experiences

Students attend The Landing School for a reason: they are passionate about boats. Most of our students live together as small groups in houses, providing them with the opportunity to build lifelong friendships, and support each other in their studies. When alumni speak about their Landing school experience, the most common words are “awesome”, “amazing”, “transformational”, “life-changing”. Your experience here will be challenging. You will be called upon to perform heroic feats, and our remarkable faculty will be there beside you to support you.