alumni spotlight

mitch alves

wooden boat building program. 2011

Student Stories_Mitch Alves_WB.jpg

A Connecticut native, Mitch didn’t have much experience with boats but always had the desire to create something out of nothing. So after graduating from Union College he spent 10 eventful months at The Landing School, before embarking on a career that he loves.

Mitch has been working at Dutch Wharf Boatyard since he graduated in 2011 from the Wooden Boat Building program. “This being a full service boatyard and marina, I haven’t been doing carpentry exclusively. At least 50% of my time is spent in the yard, hauling, launching, stepping masts and so on. But when I am in the shop, I am constantly relying on what I learned at the school.”

“I came to The Landing School with zero knowledge or background in boats, tools, building, epoxy, drawing--all things that I use on a daily basis here. Even though I haven’t vacuum bagged a single thing in the time at this boatyard, and haven’t had to deal with a single cold-molded boat, the skills and techniques you helped me develop are universal in this field. Working on antiques or boats that have been well broken-in is so different from new construction, but having built one from the ground up allows me to see the boats I work on in three dimensions. So, I owe a lot to the school.”