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Women in the Marine Industry Initiative

Our Mission

To promote the participation of women in the marine industry worldwide through networking opportunities, an endowed scholarship, and mentoring and empowerment initiatives.


The Women in the Marine Industry Initiative (WIMII) will inspire, educate and lead women to a fulfilling and successful career in the marine industry with confidence and pride. WIMII aims to raise awareness among women across the country that pursuing a career in the marine industry is rewarding and worthwhile.

The marine industry is enjoying a great deal of success locally and nationally. However, women haven’t always been made aware of the excellent career opportunities that await them. In order for this initiative to be successful it will take members from across the industry to come together to create a network of resources.

How You Can Help:

You can help by committing to participate in one of several ways. Contribute to the scholarship fund, act as a collaborator, become a mentor, offer internship opportunities, tuition matching, become a thought leader by presenting your ideas at events, symposiums or conferences.